Happy Tails


Leonardo's Happy Tail!

Leonardo had been stuck overnight about 45 to 50 feet from the ground in a tree and was not able to get down. Fortunately for him, Animal Law Enforcement Sergeant McFadden had just returned from a trip to LA Animal Services, where he spent three days learning animal rescue tricks from their Specialized Mobile Animal Rescue Team Los Angeles. He and his fellow law enforcement officers set up the "magic ladder" technique, designed for situations when a ladder has nothing to lean on. After six hours of work, Sergeant McFadden was able to catch hold of Leonardo to pull him to safety! See Leonardo’s daring rescue here.

Leonardo was rushed to HSPPR, where he was given a medical evaluation. Well, this happy guy found his new home in just a few days!

“We adopted Leonardo and want to thank you for saving his sweet life and allowing us to add him to our family. We love our little guy - he's so personable, playful and talkative.”

Way to go, Leonardo! Stay out of trees this time, buddy.

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Nispro's Happy Tail!

Nispro came in to HSPPR from Puerto Rico to escape the devastation caused by Hurricane Maria. We gave Nispro a full medical exam, and then we put this very shy pup in our training program to help build his confidence and trust in people. At first, Nispro would barely come out of his kennel and took a long time to warm up to anyone. He was improving daily with the help of our amazing staff and volunteers, but he was still nervous in the shelter environment and was just not getting noticed. Finally, after we posted him up on Facebook and in the newspaper, Nispro found his new home! Way to go, Nispro and new family!




Sadie's Happy Tail!

Sadie, known as Robin at HSPPR, came in with four littermates in late August. The puppies had lived in a backyard their whole lives and hadn't had much contact with humans at all, so they were very nervous about human interaction. We sent each of the puppies into a different loving foster home so they could each get some experience with how nice people can be. Once the puppies were feeling braver and had built up some trust in people, we brought them back and adopted them out into new homes. Sadie was the shiest puppy of the bunch because of some sickness and not being able to spend as much consistent time with her foster family as her brothers and sisters did. She was adopted and returned twice, and she didn't seem to be doing well in the shelter atmosphere. We sent her back into a loving foster home as part of our Adoption Ambassador program so she could continue receiving the much-needed socialization while looking for her new home.

This loving family had been in the market for a new family member when they saw Sadie's picture on our website. They did a meet and greet in her foster home and decided to officially make Sadie a member of the family! Way to go, Sadie!


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Batman's Happy Tail!

Our three-legged friend has found a new home! Batman came in to PAS in early September with a very injured left front leg. Our talented veterinary team was able to amputate so he wouldn't be in any more pain, and Batman immediately started feeling better and became more social! We also neutered him and gave him a dental so he would be as healthy as possible in his new home. This staff favorite wasn't available long before he attracted the attention of a couple, who drove down from Colorado Springs to add him to their family. Way to go, Batman!




Meg's Happy Tail!

Daisy, a sweet, shy dog rescued by one of our Animal Law Enforcement officers, was so scared she wouldn't let anyone near her at first. But she was all smiles and energy as she said goodbye to each of our staff personally! Daisy, now named Meg, left the building in the arms of her new family, who had been calling about her for days. Way to go, Meg! We are so glad we were able to help you come out of your shell and find your new home!


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