Happy Tails


Batman's Happy Tail!

This handsome fellow came to HSPPR on the Rescue Rover from a shelter that needed our help getting him adopted, but unfortunately, we found out he had been exposed to parvo before arriving. A loving family had already noticed Batman, and during his parvo treatment here at HSPPR, they checked on his health almost every day to make sure he was comfortable and recovering. And, once Batman was feeling better thanks to the top-notch veterinary care he received, they came to add him to their family the very next day! According to Batman's new family, he’s all settled in and loving his new life.

"We are so grateful for all of you. We had no idea all that went on behind the scenes. You truly are dedicated to our furry friends."

Way to go, Batman!
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Egan's Happy Tail!

Egan, Gaelic for “Little Fighter,” was brought to us in horrific condition, weighing just 25 pounds - half of what he should weigh. He was suffering from anemia, experiencing hair loss and living with sores on his body as a result of months without proper nutrition. He was also in a state of constant fatigue and was easily exhausted by simple exertions like going outside for a potty break. After an extensive investigation, our Animal Law Enforcement team found Egan’s owner and pressed charges.

Thanks to our generous donors, we were able to get Egan the medical treatment he needed and sent him to a foster care home to gain some weight and become healthy enough for adoption. 15 pounds heavier and all his health problems resolved, Egan found his wonderful new family!

Way to go, Egan!


Cabbage and Corned Beef's Happy Tail!

Cabbage the blind kitten came to HSPPR with a malformed right eye and a film over her left eye. In addition, she had an upper respiratory infection and a painful overbite. Within just a few hours, our staff discovered she had very limited to no vision, most likely due to a congenital defect. Corned Beef the kitten also had an upper respiratory illness; she had come from a situation in which her owner had too many cats. "Corny" was very shy and fearful around our staff, despite our attempts to make her feel relaxed and at home.

The two kittens were kenneled by themselves in our cat isolation area while we treated them through the respiratory infections. Cabbage is very friendly and playful, so she was very lonely without any playmates, and all Corny wanted to do was hide from the world. Staff came up with the idea to introduce them in the hopes Cabbage would find a friend and Corny would come out of her shell. And the plan worked! By the time their respiratory illnesses had resolved, Corny and Cabbage had hit it off.

Our surgery center removed Cabbage's malformed eye and pulled the teeth that were causing her pain. Now all Cabbage had to do was recover! So we found a foster home willing to take in a blind kitten and her friend. During this time, Cabbage and Corny's friendship strengthened.

Cabbage and Corny were only available for one day before getting snatched up together by this wonderful new family. They joined another blind cat adopted from HSPPR 7 years ago.

Way to go, Cabbage and Corned Beef!


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Cake's Happy Tail!

Cake the tiny tortoise was rescued by Animal Law Enforcement officers, along with his three kitty siblings, during the Beulah Hill Fire near Pueblo. All in all, we sheltered 83 animals at Pueblo Animal Services, and our Animal Law Enforcement officers rescued 62 out of the evacuation zones. Cake, who was a birthday present for the 2-year-old in his family, was safe back in the arms (or, well, hand), of his little boy as soon as the evacuation was lifted! We are so glad we were able to keep Cake and his kitty friends safe and sound while his family was evacuated.


Butters' Happy Tail!

Butters came to Pueblo Animal Services in May after being hit by a car. He had several broken bones and was in bad shape. Our wonderful veterinary team performed and oversaw multiple surgeries, and finally, he was able to go up for adoption. He was only available one day before he was snatched up by this wonderful family. He received lots of recovery love and exercise with his new kids. As you can see, everyone was smiling on Gotcha Day!

Way to go, Butters!


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