2016 Annual Fund Donor List

In this donor list, space constraints permit us to only acknowledge monetary support of $1,000 or more.  Gifts received Jan. 1, 2016 - Dec. 31, 2016.


Charles B. Abbot Society $5,000 +

Mr. Abbot was a founding member of the Humane Society and long-time officer of the Board of Directors.


Anonymous (2)

Animal Assistance Foundation

Bates Foundation & Trust

Lucia Bell

Benevity Community Impact Fund

Mr. and Mrs. John J. Bonicelli

Mrs. Rene L. Branson

Clifton B. and Anne Stuart Batchelder Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Colgrove

Colorado Gives Day Incentive Fund

Colorado Pet Overpopulation Fund

Community First Foundation CWIS,LLC

Daniels Long Chevrolet

Dellora  A. & Lester J. Norris Foundation


Dr. Mary E Bates Trust Fund

Mrs. Ann Dugan

Estate of Elizabeth M. Evora Armstrong

Estate of Denise Fitzgerald

Estate of Elisabeth J. Fleenor

Estate of Suzanne B. Flewellen

Friends of the Pueblo Animal Shelter

Mr. and Mrs. Donald S. Gage



GE Johnson Construction Company

Chris and Barbara Grossman

Mr. and Mrs. Jay W. Hearst

Joseph and Allison Hegarty

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Heiden


Donald & Phyllis Hibbard Charitable Trust

Hill's Pet Nutrition, Inc.

Estate of Rowena Hinshaw

Bill and Nancy Holmes

Estate of Meda Hornbeck

Jacqueline G. Archer Trust

Mr. and Mrs. Jim M. Johnson

Kirkpatrick Bank

Kirkpatrick Family Fund

Estate of Shirley C. Kurie

Lauretta Boyd Charitable Trust

LPL Financial Charitable Foundation

Maddie's Fund

Mary Elizabeth Bates Foundatio

Mrs. Helen M. McCaffery

Jan McHugh-Smith and Jeffrey Smith

Estate of Noble M. Melencamp

Mr. Robert C. Norris

Mike Packer & Cindy Jensen


Mr. Kevin R. Perry and JoLynn Perry, DVM

Petco Foundation

PetSmart Charities, Inc.

Pikes Peak Community Foundation


Lt. Col. and Mrs. David G. Ramagos (Ret.)

Rampart Supply, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Rowe

Estate of Barbara L. Sanderson

Estate of Ingeborg C. Scanlan

Estate of Francis Schneider

Dr. Michael B. Simpson and Dr. Pamela C. Patten

Vickie and Gaylord Smith

Mrs. Virginia Snow

Sonny Hearst Charitable Fund

Status Symbol Auto Body

Taylor Farms Colorado

Ms. Marla A. Vanderwalker

Wag N' Wash

Wells Fargo

Wesley V. Metzler, DVM Fund

$2,500 - $4,999

Mr. David Amess

Apple Foundation, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Bailey III

Miss Susan Bernstein

Bethesda Senior Living Communities - Viewpointe

Mrs. Esther Beynon and Mr. Alfred W. Metzger

Mr. and Mrs. Darryl W. Boehmer

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Burroughs

Mr. Mike Bynum

Ms. Alina Carris

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Carroll

Estate of John D. Cox

Mr. and Mrs. Terry W. Darby

El Pomar Foundation

Ms. Linda Faiss

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Firoved

Mr. and Mrs. Lee Fredrick

Tressa L. Garza-Frazier

George M. White Charitable Trust

Ms. Sara K. Gilbert

Drs. John Hardy and Terrie A. Sajbel

Col. Al Hassebrock and Jan Gregg

Ms. Jeri Hellwig

Dr. Roger A. Heroux and Peggy S. Ives

Hester E. and Edwin W. Giddings Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Heuser

Dr. Ingrid M. Hullman

Mr. William Johannsen

Mr. and Mrs. Albert P. Kooistra

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Loewen

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Lundberg

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. David Lytle

Ms. Sarah Main

Col. and Mrs. William M. Mantia

Mr. and Mrs. Chris Marsh


Mrs. Bonnie E. Nasser

Network for Good

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Nostrand

Mr. and Mrs. Steven A. Payne

Pueblo Humane Society

Mr. William H. Ryan

Mr. Matt Sadowski

Mr. Richard J. Seibel

Tom and Karen Shopmier

Bill & Val Stevenson

Dr. and Mrs. James J. Stewart

Estate of Marie H. Stinchcomb

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Trapp

Tufts University

MSG. and Mrs. Herman B. Washington

Ms. Lucille J. Wilcox

Julia and Joseph Wysocki

$1,000 - $2,499

Anonymous (5)

Mr. Gary D. Albert

Mrs. Sandra W. Albrecht

Alice N. Jenkins Foundation

Ms. Catherine A. Anderson

Dr. Reagan Anderson

Mr. and Mrs. Ron Apgar

Mr. Robert L. Aschermann

Association of American Railroads

Assured Partners Colorado

Mr. Norton Bain

Ms. Val Bardis

Dr. L. Patricia Barrett Fogleman

Dr. C.E. Fogleman Battelle

Estate of Cynthia Becker

Mr. David A. Becker

Ms. Sharon R. Bennett

Mr. Joseph E. Bernolfo III

Ms. Wyona Bjella

Mr. and Mrs. F. Steven Blazer

Blazer Electric Supply

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Bonicelli

Dr. and Mrs. Victor Bradford

Bright Funds Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Tim Britt

Broadmoor Valley Tail Waggers & Waggin Tails

Ms. Cyndi D. Brown

Mrs. Maria A. Brown

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory R. Button

Ms. Kathy M. Cameron

Mrs. Beth Campbell

Mr. Dave Campbell

Carl's Jr.

Carol and David Williams Charitable Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Dan Cathcart

Ms. Karen Chang

Ms. Liz A. Coffer

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Collison

Ms. Jenna Conklin

ConocoPhillips Matching Gift Program

Ms. Nancy Lou Conty

Mr. and Mrs. James R. Costas

Mrs. Jacqueline L. Crouch

Ms. Sally-Jean Cudrik

Ms. Kaleen A. Cullen

Mr. and Mrs. Kory R. Dabb

Christopher and Diane Davies

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Davis

Mr. Rollin Dennistoun

Chris Diller

Mr. Frank S. Dodge

Dorothy and Mark Nelkin Charitable Fund

Ms. Gail Dudley

Ms. Crystal S. Dunmire

Dusty and Kathy Loo Fund

Mrs. Lindie Eads

Elite Auto Salon (EAS)

Ms. Karen Estes

Mr. and Mrs. Bob Evans

Mary and Jim Evans

Mr. and Mrs. Harold F. Findley

Mr. and Mrs. Lindsay E. Fischer

Mr. and Mrs. Dwight T. Fisher

Mr. John L. Fleming

FrontStream Workplace Philanthropy

Dr. Michael Grace and Mrs. Susan Grace

Kevin and Jennifer Graham

Mrs. Lindsey Hafemeister

Ms. Robin J. Hardie and Mr. Ron Bollenberghe

Mary and Peter Hauck

Ms. Theresa Heatherton

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Hellem

Ms. M. Lynn Herring

Mr. Herbert D. Hickman

Mr. Tom Hill

Mr. Benjamin F. Hooper

Hotel Eleganté Conference & Event Center

Ms. Katheryn Houston

J Michael Carroll and Associates - Northwestern Mutual

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Jensen

Ms. Ingrid L. Jones

Kaiser Permanente

Ms. Jean A. Keeley

Mr. Christian K. Keesee

Ms. Connie J. Kennedy

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Kennedy

Mrs. Mary E. Kirby

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Knight

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Koch

Mr. and Mrs. Terry Koch

Mr. John Kogovsek & Mr. Larry Higinbotham

Dr. David C. Koukol and Dr. Gayle Gilroy

Dr. and Mrs. Gary C. Leake

Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. LeBrun

Ms. Rebecca Levin

Liberty High School

Mrs. Louise Link

Mr. and Mrs. David W. Lohmann

Mrs. Katherine H. Loo

Ms. Barbara Lucas

Ronald Madd

Dr. Melanie Marsden, D.V.M.

Mr. and Mrs. Christiaan L. Martin

Mr. Leonard Martin

Mrs. Sally Martin

Mr. and Mrs. Gerard McCann

Mr. and Mrs. Sam McCullough

McDivitt Law Firm, P.C.

Ms. Marlena M. Miller

Ms. Sue Mulvihill

Ms. Laura L. Murphy

Ms. Kathryn Murray

Mr. Peter W. Murray

Mr. Eugene Nagle

Lydia Neal

Ms. Verna M. Nelson

Ms. Ann E. Nichols

Ms. Joanne Nicholson

Mark W. Noffsinger


Ms. Leslie Nolting

Northwestern Mutual

Mr. Ed E. Okvath

Mr. Kevin F. Patterson and Dr. Katharine J. Leppard

Mr. Howard Pease

Pedigree Foundation

Peoples Bank

PepsiCo Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Luis Perez

Pikes Peak Veterinary Clinic

Platinum Group Realtors

Alan and Perc'an Polivka

Mr. Phil S. Price

Red Noland Group

Mr. and Mrs. David J. Reed

Dr. Matthew Reuer

Mr. Robert Rhue

Col. and Mrs. Don E. Riggle, Jr.

Ms. Ann M. Riordan

Ralf and Tammy Rivera

Mr. and Mrs. Dan Rodriguez

James and Antoinette Ross

Dr. and Mrs. Robert Schaller

Ms. Marilyn A. Schrepel

Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Seckar

Wally and Julie Seis

Mr. and Mrs. William Sessoms

Seven "C" Foundation

Mrs. Dorothy Shaw

Ms. Tammy Shuminsky

Sierra Trading Post

Mr. and Mrs. Bret Smith

Carl and Laine Smith

Mr. and Mrs. William K. Snyder

Mrs. Frances D. Spuhler

Kellen Starr

Stevenson Accounting Service

Stockman Kast Ryan & Co., LLP

Mr. and Mrs. J. Thomas Stoen

Ms. MaryEllyn Taylor

The Wright Eye Center

Ms. Alice Thomas

Rob and Mindy Trapp

US Bank

Vail Resorts

Mr. Chris Van Druff

Mrs. Elizabeth VanderWerf


Ms. Cheryl Walker

Gregory and Michele Wawrytko

Weathercraft Company of Colorado Springs

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher L. Wilde

Ms. Millie Winebrenner

Mrs. Sharon K Wolf

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Woodford

Thomas and Sharon Wright

Mr. John P. Youngdahl

Ms. Renee Zentz

Legacy Guild

Our Legacy Guild includes supporters who have chosen to make a planned gift from their estate. In doing so, they are ensuring the long-term financial health of the shelter and creating a legacy of caring that will benefit future generations of helpless animals.

Anonymous (22)

Bill and Pat Abraham

Fred and Nancy Adams

Margaret Adler

Sam Allwein

Rosalie Andersen

Tom and Roxie Anderson

Richard Anesko

Phil Arkow

Rosemary Augustine

Bud and Lorraine Balck

Deb Bartos

Barbara Bates

Donald Bates

Kimber Beasley

John and Florence Bernabei

Joseph Bernolfo

Paul and Yvonne Berry

Stan and Stephanie Bestol

Bill Bickford

Darryl and Janyce Boehmer

Joanne and Sil Bonicelli

Mary J. Boswell

Daun Rae Brookbank

Ann Brown

Maria and Ronald Brown

Dona Bymaster

Lorena H. Bymaster

K.C. Cabral

Regina and John Campbell

Mary Carlone

Carole Casner

Marilyn Chambon

Dee Chisholm

Lynn and Robert Cool

Richard and Trelma Coppock

Carol and Brian Cram

Alice B. Dempster

Pennie and Don DesJardins

Harold Dobyns

Dana Dunlap

James M. Dunn

Rex and Shirley Dunn

John Earle

Edward and Joan Eitzen

Steven and Christina Erickson

Joann Ferguson

Yolanda and Marvin Fiala

Renate Fiedler

Dan and Jean Freeley

Darlene French

Karen Gale

Ted Garcia

James Gaynor

Ray Geist, Jr.

Todd and Tammra Gilliland

Paul and Jeannie Goss

Jackie Grabbert

Gloria Gray

Dalean Greenlee

Jan Gregg

Jerrie Hall

Sara Hammond

David C. Haraway

Rosalie Harrington

Richard Harwood

Mary and Pete Hauck

Kay Hay

Bernice Hemmert

Leslie Henkel

Roger Heroux and Peggy Ives

Gordon and Donna Heuser

Betty Hollaway

William C. & Nancy P. Holmes

Ingrid Marian Hullman

Roberta Huttner

Rolf Laliberte and Loretta Jaramillo-Laliberte

Charlann and George Jeffrey

William Johannsen

Joyce D. Johnson

Michael and Emily Jones

Karen and Erin Jordan

Julie Justman

Diana Kelting

Gary Kile

Burton and Mary Kirby

Jim and Mary Klever

Robert and Janet Knight

Stephanie Knull

Gisela Kobi

Stan and Susie Kouba

Evalin LeFevre

Stephanie L. Leonard

Nicholas and Barbara Liontas

Stephanie Little Blair

Doris Locigno

David and Barbara Lytle

Sarah F. MacLeod

Brigitte Majors

Bill and Teri Mantia

Karen and Bruce Marr

Cecilia Martin

Mike and Karen Matkin

Pamela and Daniel McBride

Helen and James McCaffery

Frank and Doris McCann

Hanzig McClain

Carol McClure

Suzanne McDermett

Jan McHugh-Smith and Jeffrey Smith

Sharol Metzler

Brian Middleton and Patricia Hirko

Arlene Minter

Terry Mitchell

Leonard Mollica

Nancy Moore

Shirley Moore

Sue Mulvihill

Paul and Lola Nafziger

Patti and Dick Nelson

Verna Nelson

Jeff and Sandy Olson

Dan and Sandy O'Rear

Roberta and Nicolas Parker

Dena Peck

Carol and Michael Pennica

Kevin and JoLynn Perry

Phillip and Gladys Perry

Edwin and Marcia Price

Sandra Radford

Karen E. Ranney

Richard and Carole Rhodus

Buz and Sue Rieger

Lovice D. Riffe

Don and Karen Riggle

Don and Charlotte Rooks

Michael and Trudy Rowe

William Ryan

Terrie Sajbel

Ken and Ginny Sanders

Ann Sanger

R. Scott and Laurie Seab

Wally and Julie Seis

Susanne Sener

Wilma Sherrett

Suzanne Sindt

William and Janice Skadow

Jean Smith

Carl and Laine Smith

Rella Win Smith

Vickie and Gaylord Smith

Larry and Star Snell

Clay and Karen Sorrick

Paul and Lydia Stevens

Shirley Stilley

Tom and Marilyn Stoen

L.R. and Julia Stringfellow

Maureen Sullivan

Nancy Syms

MaryEllyn Taylor

Zagorka Terry

Sharon Thomas

Ida Torquati

Maureen and Ralph Towne

James and Ingrid Twinn

Richard Vogel

Karen Waldin

Milt and Betty Waldron

Donald and Gabriele Walker

Wynn Weidner

Pam White

Penny Whitney

Robin Whitten

Christopher and Ruby Wilde

Don L. Williams

B. June Williams

Robert and Norma Wing

Michael and Victoria Youngblood